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Massage, Chandler, AZ

   Therapeutic Massages

(Undressed to Comfort Level)

Tui Na & Chi: 

Exclusive Chinese Massage in our company with trigger point and acupressure and nature energy


Deep with medium pressure


Pressure with thumb emphasis


Stretch with massage

Deep tissue:

(Inform Therapist of any prior injury)


Medium Pressure and light touch incorporated


  Body Works

(Clothed Service)

**Healing and Treatment: area chosen by clients request**

Cupping & Gua Sha:

Using suction for pain, inflammation, blood flow and relaxation

Hot Stone:

Ancient Chinese techniques to soothe, relax, and de-stress

China Yoga:

Stretch, Relax body and Quiet the mind, Channeling energy

Infrared Sauna:

For you to relax and enjoy, Relief for muscles and soreness

Chinese Jingluo (main & collateral channels):

Relieves pain almost instantly

For COMPLETE health, dietary therapy with free consultation available!



A True Hollywood Experience

Our additional wide variety VIP & VIP Plus Amenities may include:


Complimentary TV, snacks, coffee, large room, private shower room, beautiful furnishings and new state-of-the-art beds!


** V.I.P Services **


Chandler, Massage

Environmental Resources

At Massage 90210, our clients’ health is the first and principle concern in our Company!


All of our rooms use sterile and professional laundered one-time use sheets and coverings​​

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